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In order to improve the quantity and quality of exhibits within the Museum and Hall of Fame, additional display furniture is needed. To insure continuation of the high standard of our existing displays and to provide continuity of new furniture, a Members Donation Program has been established. The Members Donation Program will offer an opportunity for any member, club, team, or other group to provide an attractive and functional display cabinet for the Museum. Your tax deductible contribution of $1000 will pay for one cabinet. Your cabinet will be placed in the Museum/HOF and contain a display of historical artifacts. The Cabinet will be affixed with a brass plaque engraved with the donor or donors’ name(s).

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Your cabinet plaque will be created with the text you input. We are not liable for misspellings or punctuation errors. If you find an error after you have submitted your form, please contact us as soon as possible with the revised information. 210-688-3371.
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Amber Schwarz
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